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New Builder: 323 Effects

Brian Nelson is the owner/operator of 323 Effects out of Birmingham,...

J Rockett Audio Designs: .45 Caliber Overdrive

Angus Young of the 70’s, power-chord, testosterone drenched rock group...

Cheap Pedals, Good Sounds

Price isn’t everything, but it’s something when it comes to...

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this is arguably the best Klon clone out there for the price +3 drive settings. . Rockett has more . [...]

The Dying Bat simulates the effect of a dying 9-volt battery powering your effect. I've found i [...]

I use this pedal mainly as a standalone into a Dr. Z MAZ 18. I occasionally stack it, at mild ...... [...]

Great pedal for recording. Sound coming close Fender amps yet much easier when it comes to recording [...]


Great tone from this pedal. Sounds great with any pickups and goes well with any other pedals.... [...]

A bit hard to get your head around at first but when you do it opens a whole new world. Any slight . [...]

Great for solos with something extra or mixing with other pedals especially modulation.... [...]

One of the best Ring mod out there!, Mike from INCUBUS used a lot of this. Robotic, 8 bit, analog... [...]

I 'm not a guitarist. I bought the pedals to shape my sound on my chord and bass harmonicas, my [...]

I use this volume pedal, it's not buffered sobits guna take a little magic from your signal but [...]

If you are looking for a echo that repeats for days with subdivisions and tap tempo look somewhere . [...]

Mostly as a clean glass booster with minimum overdrive, but sometimes when I need to ROCK! i can ... [...]

This is my always-on pedal! I normally leave all the knobs at noon and switch between Boost for my . [...]

I've used this pedal mainly on the analog setting to give a little bit of echo/texture. However [...]

Lead and rhythm work in funk-rock band.... [...]

Mainly for rhythm and a little lead work in funk-rock band.... [...]

Great pedal for putting all sorts of edge on your sound. Terrific for squeezing feedback out at .... [...]

Super good delay pedal Boss DM2 clone with 2 cool audio V3205 BBD and 800ms delay Handmade, high ... [...]

This is without a doubt my favorite distortion on bass. I've never played a bass through anothe [...]