Dean Ween Interview on Guitar Moves

If you haven’t stumbled across Guitar Moves, it’s worth checking out. These short webisodes are hosted by Matt Sweeney, who’s been in a few bands of his own, such as Chavez. He’s also produced musicians as well in his spare time. But, it’s not Matt’s knowledge and history in music that makes these interviews so fun to watch, although it doesn’t hurt. Rather, it’s the way he sits down with these folks as if they were old friends .  And, in the case of Dean Ween, they are.

Sweeney’s relaxed atmosphere that he brings to the interview extends into his interactions as well. The questions he asks are not strictly from the typical cannon that musicians are asked at every interview such as, “Who are your influences?” Instead, he gets into their style of playing often stopping them to ask them how they pick a certain riff or hold a certain chord. At first it seems obnoxious, after all, you shouldn’t interrupt your guest when they’re doing the thing they do. But, then you find yourself thinking, yeah, I want to know how they do that as well.

In this episode he’s chatting with Dean Ween, drinking Modelo, smoking cigarettes and learning about Deans love of Dickey Betts of the Almond Brothers and the definition of ‘tasters.’ Good Stuff.

Be sure to check out the other episode of Guitar Moves including this great one with St. Vincent.

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