Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply

Power. Politicians crave it, electricians respect it and guitarists dread it. Why? Because we always wonder where it’s going to come from! Maybe that leg of your tour that brings you through Chicago will produce some venues with non-code violating electrical systems, but will eastern North Dakota be so kind? Sometimes it’s not even about the amount of power. If you blow a fuse, at least the whole band goes out. Sometimes it’s just about the grounding and the prospects of a show with a boatload of fuzz (or radio) chattering up your amp. Power is king and if it’s not pure and predictable, it can turn a great show into a nightmare.

The source of power is one thing, getting it to your pedal board is a whole other opera. Yeah, you can run off batteries, keeping a store of them in your gear bag so you don’t have to interact with the venue beyond rocking out in front of a crowd. But, what about those pedals that demand a bit more than a 9-volt pulled from the back of a 7-11’s counter. You know the culprits,┬álike the Line 6 DL Delay or the Boss Twin Series Pedals. For those monsters, you have to plug into the main grid. And that’s where you need something like the Walrus Audio Aetos Power Supply.

The Aetos Power Supply from Walrus Audio allows you to connect 8 pedals to this single power source. It has an internal custom wound toroidal transformer that outputs clean power with limited noise. This power supply gives you a mega-load of energy with limited sacrifice — leaving your chain signal intact. To learn more about this new, inventive power supply, head on over to Walrus Audio or check out thier video below.

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