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subdecay-proteusI think it’s true to say that musicians don’t like every pedal they plug into. But, I think it’s also safe to say that exploring new pedals is damn fun. And just because you know in your heart that a certain pedal won’t make it onto your board, doesn’t mean you won’t spend an hour noodling around, pushing it here and there to understand its full function. This is what a good stomp box does. It grabs your interest and holds it until you have to peel yourself away. And, yes, maybe you don’t need another delay and perhaps your band will shut you down if you introduce a phaser into the mix, but it’s still nice to explore and if you’re lucky, perhaps some new horizons will open up.

There’s a pedal company out in Portland, Oregon that sets their sights on inspiring guitarists with their effects. Since about 2003, Subdecay has produced interesting effects meant to expand your tonal horizons. These folks have a plethora of pedals covering the gambit from overdrives to reverbs, flangers, phasers, wahs and more! All neatly housed and handmade here in the good ‘ole USA. And now, Subdecay has their own manufacturers page at Pedal Finder. Pedals like the Quasar Quantum Phaser and the Subdecay Supernova Drive are absolutely worth a look.

Check out what they have to offer and catch a few reviews from others that have used their impressive effects. As always, if you see something we’re missing, log-in and add the pedal. We promise to get it into the database as soon as possible.

Author: pedaladmin

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