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Right on the heels of the T-Rex announcement we’ve found out that Fender has some fun news concerning a new line of stomps that will take up very little space in your line and board. The company most closely associated with all things rock and roll has produced a new line of micro pedals that seem to be directed at utility more than boutique effects. Of the four new offerings you’ll find an ABY pedal, a micro compressor, a direct input pedal and a micro EQ. Here’s a little more about these new offerings.

Fender Micro ABY: This simple switch does exactly as you would imagine. Take a signal and route it to one of two paths, giving you the ability to switch between amps or take both signals and run them at the same time. It comes with a single LED that lights up red, green or yellow to tell you where you’re at with your train. With its small size and big uses, this pedal has potential.

Fender Micro Compressor: There are a handful of micro compressors out there on the market and looks like there is one more. This offering from Fender uses three knobs – one large and two small. It’s a common configuration on micro pedals and one that works well. The volume and EQ are tiny and the Compression knob is large and in your face. Fender touts that this tiny green machine will, “even out highs while keeping your signature tone consistent and complex.” We’ll let the users be the judge of that.

Fender Micro DI: Direct inputs come in all shapes and sizes and Fender’s new micro DI packs in several features. The Gain switch gives you 3 dB settings with -20dB, 0dB and +20dB. You even get a cabinet simulator that you can switch on or off. This is meant to take up little space and give you the opportunity to use this in an on-stage application.

Fender Micro EQ: The micro EQ offering from Fender has one knob and 5 bands of graphic EQ to mess around with. The knob controls the level and the graphic EQ features a plus/minus 18dB adjustable gain range per band. This pedal has serious potential in a big chain, but can also come alive solo to fine tune the tone of your guitar.

Take a look at these new offerings from Fender at Pedal Finder. If you happen to own or have used any of these pedals, don’t hold back. Let us know what you think and how you used it. We’ll put it all in our database and make it available for others looking for the information.

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