Decibel Eleven – The Dirt Clod

D11 - Dirt Clod

D11 – Dirt Clod

Based out of Southern California, Decibel Eleven (D11) is a group of musicians and engineers hell bent on producing high quality effects for all genres of music. This group not only produces effects under their own name, but also works on creating equipment for other well known manufacturers like Alesis, Voodoo Lab, Gibson Audio Labs, Line 6, Event Electronics and American DJ. No strangers to innovation, D11 has turned their sights towards creating a powerful overdrive distortion combo pedal that can change on the fly for the tone you need. The Dirt Clod is the fruit of those labors.

Shipped out in a wide enclosure, the Dirt Clod takes up a bit of room on the pedal board, but comes with enough features to make the extra space worth it. The extra space gives you 4 knobs and 2 switches to play with giving you full control over sound shaping and setting presets for future use. The knobs give you control over dirt – the amount of distortion and dirt the pedal kicks up, core – the basic tone of the sound, crystal – the trebleness of the tone and mass, the thickness of the tone. The switches give you control over saving and recalling presets along with turning the effect on and off. As an additional bonus, the Dirt Clod is MIDI capable and ready to fit into whatever form of music you happen to play.

Pedal Finder knows that the manufacturers can say what they like about their equipment, but the users have the final say. It seems like the Dirt Clod is getting good reviews, but we’d like to hear from you. If you’ve been close enough to try out this pedal, leave a review at Pedal Finder. And check back when you can to see what others are saying.


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