Old Blood Noise Endeaviors — The Black Fountain

obne-black-fountainPutting together a stomp box takes patience and practice. Putting together an effect that musicians want to actually play takes creativity and knowledge. And putting together a pedal that people wait for in anticipation takes years of on-the-job experimentation and creativity. It’s underneath the umbrella of that mantra that I draw your attention to Old Blood Noise Endeavors and their new pedal the Black Fountain Delay.

According to their website, “Old Blood Noise Endeavors started in a garage, sort of.  In reality, it is the return to the garage.  After spending some time working for and building up some now established pedal companies, it seemed right, if not prudent, to give it a go in our own way, making the weird, niche based effects that we so often like to hunt down and use in our own musical projects.”

The reference to ‘now established pedal companies’ is in relation to Brady Smith who helped define the world of Walrus Audio and Seth McCarroll who did the same for 4Site Electronics. These two, along with others, branched out to do their own thing, the first of which is the Black Fountain Delay, a pedal with three modes (Modern, Organ and Vintage), giving you lots of control.

Modern mode gives you a classic ‘oil can’ sound like those of the Morley EDL and the Fender Echo-Reverb. Four knobs allow you to control time, feedback, repeat and fluid/reverb. The vintage mode gives you all the same controls, but has a ‘grittier and gainier feel to the repeats.’ Both modes give you a delay time of 800 milliseconds.

The Organ Mode is similar to the Tel-Ray Deluxe and the Fender Dimension IV, but it has greater functionality, by providing variable rate and depth controls.

New pedals from great builders are always fun to check out and the Black Fountain is in Pre-order mode right now! They ship out on August 18th. If you get your hands on this pedal don’t forget to stop by Pedal Finder to leave a review. We’d love to know what you think.


Here’s a fun video ONBE put together to showcase their pedal.

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