The Digital MOD Duo

mod-duo-pedal-finderThe last week or so I’ve been reading about the new MOD Duo guitar pedal. If you haven’t seen this in your daily reading, it’s a an idea that isn’t really that new. Basically, it’s a digital guitar pedal that would you allow you to change the effects and tones that come out of it through software. The difference between this pedal and others that are on or coming to the market is that this pedal’s software is linux based.

The outside of the pedal is how you would expect. An average sized pedal enclosure with a few buttons, several knobs and some display screens. But, on the inside of this pedal, in leu of analog controls you’ll find an ARM processor-powered circuit board built specifically for audio. The really neat thing about this pedal is that since the software is open-sourced, it can rely on a community of programmers to bring new and better sounds, tones and controls to the pedal – greatly expanding the possibilities.

Of course the designers will start out with a wide range of tones, but the bulk of support – they hope – will come from gear nerds who also have some skills around software. In short, expect the basics in the first years and hang on tight as time goes on.

The Kickstarter for this inventive pedal is going on right now and at the time of this posting had 23 days to go before it’s all done. Check it out. And if you can’t wait to get the MOD Duo, come on over to Pedal Finder and search some great analog pedals that’ll treat you just fine.

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  1. Did Devi Ever ever deliver on her Kickstarter Console pedals? Don’t know whether it relates to the validity of this venture, just wondering if she delivered on her promises or fizzled out. Open-source seems like a somewhat dubious format for pedals, since many cheap digital multi-effects processors already exist and are generally shunned by people who prefer analog circuitry.

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  2. Thanks for the support!
    MOD Duo got funded on Kickstarter.
    We are now going for the Stretch goals.

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    • That’s great news! We’ll keep an eye out for the release. Let us know so we can let others know!

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