Jack White’s Bumble Buzz Pedal

bumble-buzz-pedalJack White is a musician that brings a lot of talent to a project. First and foremost he can blend ferocious riffs with warm tones or squeal through melodies with ice-cold casualness as he does in all of his musical incarnations from the White Strips to the Raconteurs to his solo efforts. Beyond his music he has been a producer of others, a music video director and at times stepped in front of the camera himself to play a role. And, of course he has his own record label: Third Man Records.

It’s under the auspices of Third Man Records that White has journeyed into his new venture creating an effects pedal – the Bumble Buzz Pedal. The pedal itself was designed by the Third Man Creative Hive, but the pedal was constructed by Chris Young of Union Tube and Transistor. This is not the first collaboration between White and Young. Young is the same person who built the pedal used on White’s song Sixteen Saltines. If you can’t remember exactly how that pedal sounds, check out the Sixteen Saltines video below.

And, if you’d like to hear the Bumble Buzz in action on a number of guitars and a violin, well White and his friends provide a great video of just how this pedal sounds in action.

To learn more about the Bumble Buzz or to leave a review if you happen to be lucky enough to own it, visit Pedal Finder and tell us all about it.


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