Korg’s MIKUSTOMP Effects Pedal



We’ve all played with those synthesized voices on keyboards. The nasally, choral tones that sound almost like real people signing, but don’t really hit the mark.  Pound on some of the low notes and you can even get a Gregorian chant-type sound that’s fun at parties. But, out there in the world over the past decade there have been companies bringing synthesized voices to a new level, making them more flexible, with better tonal quality and realism. Crypton Future Media out of Sapporo City, Japan is one of those companies and the creators of Hatsune Miku, a humanoid personae voiced by complex software.

With hundreds of different samples of Japanese and English phonic sounds taken from Japanese actress Saki Fukita, the Hatsune Miku voice is able to string together full lyrics and phrases for a realistic signing voice. The effect is both incredible and recognizable to anyone who has spent time with Japanese media. Now, Korg has created the MIKUSTOMP, a pedal that takes some of that voicing and puts it in a convenient box.

Below is the first glimpse that Korg has for the new pedal and they are not giving up a whole lot. It’ll be interesting to see if the box will give us just doe-ray-mees or if it will broaden into phrases and other phonics. Regardless, it’s a fun idea that when combined with other pedals could lead to interesting results. If you get your hands on this pedal, stop on over to Pedal Finder and let us know what you think.

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