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landmine-logoBack in the mid 2000’s the internet was buzzing with news of a new pedal company setting up shop in Ontario, Canada. The owner of this new venture was Mike Palermo, a music store owner and guitarist trying hard to find a distortion that fit his needs. Equipped with the know-how and the ambition, he decided to create his own. Calling his new effects business Landmine Pedal Company, he created the LD-1 Distortion Pedal. He stuffed all this circuitry into a unique round case resembling — you guessed it — a landmine. With four knobs to control the lows, mids, highs and overall level, he quickly made waves with his ‘explosive’ effect.

On the heels of that creation he jumped into the realm of the chorus pedal and put on offer another round, landmine-like pedal, the LC-1 Chorus pedal. Reviews for the chorus pedal¬† describe it as ‘rich’ and ‘lush’, but unfortunately, it appears that the concept of a landmine as a pedal was not received all that well. LPC created 300 of each pedal and amidst positive reviews for overall sound, but negative reviews because of the landmine theme, the pedals stopped production. At least that is the story you find on the web.

Regardless, it appears that Landmine Pedals is coming back — perhaps with a gusto in 2014. A little digging around and you reveal a new website that purports ‘coming soon inLandminePedalLD1Distortion-lg 2014‘, but little else in the way of information. But, head on over to their Facebook page, and you’ll find some news about 4 new pedals that came out or are coming out in 2014, the Tone Bender (which appears to be out), Rangemaster Treble Booster (which appears to be out), Octave Fuzz (which I couldn’t find) and the EA Tremolo (that also appears to be out). Only small drips and drabs of info on these pedals – which don’t have the distinctive landmine appearance by the way — is currently out there and we’ll keep trying to piece it together on this site.¬† If you have any information, pictures, etc., please share it here. We’d love to know.

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