The Anatomy of a Pedal Review

bender-fuzz-giveaway-pedal-finderWe are in the heart of our Physics Punk Pedals Bender Giveaway and a ton of folks have been coming to the site and submitting information –gaining them a chance to win! We just wanted to take a moment to refresh your memory on how easy it actually is to enter to win in this contest.

If you recall, you can gain entry by interacting with the site, which in turn helps provide information on the thousands of different effects pedals out there in the market. This means that if you look for a pedal on the site and see that it is missing, you can gather up the information and submit the pedal. If we approve the pedal for inclusion in the Pedal Finder database, you gain an entry. If you know that an artist uses or has used a specific pedal, you can submit that information as well and gain an entry into the giveaway once we approve it. And finally, you can do something as easy as telling everyone what you think.

Leaving a review for a pedal, really is the easiest way to help out your fellow musician while earning an opportunity to win a great pedal! In case you need help leaving a review, we’ve created this quick step by step guide to give you a little help.

Step 1: Relax

Many folks just jump right into a pedal review, which is fine, but you want to make sure that you are mentally prepared for the task at hand. If you come home after a hard day’s work, dealing with needy bosses, clients or customers you might let some of that stress blend over into your review. On the flip-side, if you are just about to leave on a 3 week vacation to a foreign country that is comprised 90 percent of beaches and breweries, you might have too positive of an attitude. Take a moment to clear your mind so that your review is as objective as possible without any influence from extraneous pressures or joys.

Step 2: Brush Up On Your Adjectives, Similes and Metaphors

Prior to leaving a pedal review, make sure you beef up your language reserves. This will allow you to create dramatic statements in your review. For instance, instead of saying that the JHS Pedals Emperor Analog Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo has a ‘great tone’ you can say that its tone ‘shimmers like the light of a thousand quasars flickering in a cool October sky.’ Invoking five-dollar words to describe the qualities of effects pedals not only provides a more visceral experience for the reader, but it’s just darn fun.

Step 3: Eat

Many a pedal review has been ruined by a growling stomach. In fact, most negative pedal reviews on the internet could have been different if the writer had just eaten a sandwich.

Step 4: Seclude Yourself

Isolation is the key to leaving a killer review. You don’t want to be interrupted while composing what might be the most ingenious and helpful review ever sent onto the Internet. Turn off all electronic media devices; the phone, the TV, pagers, etc. Obviously you will need to keep the computer on, but close all extra browsers. Make sure the door to your house is locked and if possible place tinfoil up in the windows during the actual writing of the review.

Step 5: Choose a Pedal

If you only own one effects pedal, choosing what to review will be easy. If you own more than one pedal, this might be more difficult. In order to make your choice easier, we suggest you pick a format to decide in which order your pedals will be reviewed.

A popular method is to review the pedals in the order corresponding to the colors in a rainbow – ROYGBIV. Although popular, this does not account for any of your black or white pedals. To address that problem many people decide based on size (smallest to largest) weight (lightest to heaviest) number of knobs or switches, etc. If none of these methods work for you we suggest closing your eyes and picking randomly.

Step 6: Play the Pedal

Yeah, I know you just gigged last week and you practice every day for an hour, but when was the last time you sat down and actually listened to just this pedal? When was the last time you messed with the settings and went outside your ideal? Maybe it’s been awhile? Regardless, it can’t hurt to tool around for a few minutes before deciding to leave a review.

In addition, if you have neighbors close by you can crank up your amp so that they too can hear the sweet, dulcet tones of your pedal. Wait until they knock on the door (or floor, wall or ceiling) and then listen to what they have to say. Don’t take their opinion at 100 percent –after all, they might not even be musicians – but do take their views into consideration.

Step 7: Leave the Review

When leaving the review make sure to talk about yourself as much as possible. We are not joking! These reviews are intended to tell the rest of us how YOU use the pedal, how You think the pedal handles various situations and how YOU set it up on your own board. Don’t forget to talk about your guitar, your amp, your style of music and the whole-nine-yards. Bonus points if you can compose a sentence that wedges the name of your band into the review!

Step 8: Post your review to the Pedal Finder Facebook Page, etc.ppp-bender

Once you submit your reviews, sit back with a feeling of accomplishment and wait for them to be approved. Once they are, copy the links to your review and post them on the Pedal Finder FB page for all to see. And don’t stop there. Head on over to your favorite forum and let everyone know that you had an opinion! After all, what good is a review that no one knows about!

And that is how easy it is to leave a review and gain entry into the Pedal Finder Giveaway. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier to earn a chance to win a pedal anywhere on the internet. So log in and leave a review – but first, you might want to pick up some tinfoil.

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