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I hope by now you have heard that Pedal Finder is giving away a Physics Punk Pedals Tone Bender. If you haven’t and want to learn how easy it is to enter, check it out here. According to owner/builder Gerald Good, the PPP Bender is ”is a custom-built silicon fuzz based on the Sola Sound / Vox MkIII Tone Bender. It’s similar in sound to other 60s fuzz designs but has an added tone control for more flexibility. Out of the many fuzz pedal clones I’ve built and played, the various flavors of early Sola Sound Tone Benders are some of my favorites for wooly vintage-like tones, and this one is no exception.” It sounds like a pedal put together to meld the tones of the past with a bit of modern control that would fit on any board out there.

The first Tone Bender was built by Sola Sound – the MKI. It was a circuit consisting of three transistors and it was based on the Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone. These first pedals had wooden cases, but as with most pedals the circuitry found it’s way into a metal enclosure for added durability. From here modifications took place over the years and the MKI became the MK1.5, then the MKII and then the MKIII, all versions with slight changes to the number of transistors or the amount of gain control.

Today you can find MK clones galore of all varieties and many of them are at Pedal Finder, just type in MK in the search box and head off on a journey. So check ’em out or let us know your opinion and leave a review.

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  1. Keeley is having some more OC81D and OC44 Tonebenders on sale . . . 81s available now. 533PM 09/24/2014. MKIII. See my reviews . . . I just can’t rationalize buying a second one, but as a pedal junkie . . . this is the really, really, good stuff.

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