Builder: Blackout Effectors

BLACKOUT-white-on-blackOriginally from British Columbia, Canada but now situation in North Carolina, Blackout Effectors is the company built by Kyle Tompkins. Like most companies it was a passion and drive that brought this non-formally trained, electronic engineer from a one-off manufacturer to the respected effects builder he is today. He, his company and all his helpers are putting out some super fun, super precise, tones that provide a ton of control without being complex.

Check out their pedals like the Blundebuss (Fuzz), Cadavernous Pandimensional Reverberator (Reverb), Crystal Dagger (Octave-Up Fuzz), Whetstone Analog Phaser (Phaser! – Duh) and more at Pedal Finder.

And check out this cool video on the Blunderbuss:


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