Dawner Prince – Viberator Now Shipping

Viberator-Stereo-VibeLike books, pedals don’t tell us a lot about themselves from the outside. Sure, a big ‘ole mean pedal in matte black might tip our minds to thinking of darker tones like the Metal Zone, but black doesn’t always mean distortion, just ask the MXR M152 Micro Flanger.  The outside of pedal (and the inside of the pedal for that matter) also doesn’t say much about who it is that put it together. That’s why from time to time we like to interview builders to get an idea of what makes them tick.

I’m thinking about this because today we found out that Dawner Prince is releasing the Viberator. According to their site, this is the “premium, stereo version of the vintage, Uni-Vibe® type phase shifter with a number of modern options.” The pedal comes with 3 knobs, 1 switch and 2 toggles. The knobs control intensity, speed and symmetry to give you full control of the shimmy, shake and waver. One toggle allows you switch between chorus and vibrato, the other allows to go vintage or modern. It’s a true bypass pedal and all of it is wrapped up nicely in a single enclosure.

If you don’t know about Dawner Prince, they are out of Imotski, Croatia, the homeland of Nikola Tesla – which contains some amazing countryside. At this time their website sports 4 pedals – the Diktator, Starla, RedRox and Viberator. Poking around on their site you get the sense that these builders are serious about what they do and I’m excited to hear from folks that have their pedals. Let us know what you think.


Author: pedaladmin

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