Electro-Harmonix: Turnip Greens

turnip-greensWith so many new pedals coming out every week, it can be hard to stay on top of things. So please forgive us when we say that we forgot to tell you about a fairly new pedal from Electro-Harmonix – Turnip Greens. This pedal is part Holy Grail Max Reverb and part Soul Food Overdrive all smashed into one attractive pedal in a double enclosure.

The original Holy Grail Max Reverb has four unique settings, spring, hall, plate and reverse. The spring reverb has the potential to give you that classic Dick Dale sound for your surf sound needs. The hall setting is moodier, with a large sound and sustain. The plate reverb is similar to the hall reverb, but it’s a little brighter and it sounds great on vocals. Finally the reverse mode does exactly what it says – or sounds like. Blend and time give you additional control over the pedal.

The Soul Food Overdrive is a small pedal by Electro-Harmonix standards. It can give you a super compressed overdrive sound and also offers a great clean boost. Three knobs give you control of volume, treble and drive. This pedal was EHX’s answer to the Klone Centaur at a price unaffected by the pitfalls of nostalgia.

Combine these two pedals into one and you have something fun and unique to play around with — not to mention a space saving ace-in-the-hole. Check this pedal out and if you get your hands on one, please do the right thing and let us all know about it.

Check out this video:

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