Looperstar Effects: Gold Digger

gold-digger-pedal-finderLooperstar is a boutique effects pedal builder stationed in England and run by Dave Adkins. He produces a line of pedals ranging from boosts and fuzzes to loopers and true-bypass boxes. Recently Looperstar effects teamed up with Matthew Bolger and Emelie Lidström, an Irish/Swedish creative duo based in Malmö, Sweden that go by the name M&E and produced the Gold Digger Fuzz Pedal. A sweet little number that recreates the vintage fuzz of the 60’s along with something they are calling Gold – which causes the pedal to offer undertones of static, oscillation, bleeps and other random tones. Basically, a fuzz pedal with a built in experimentation knob to keep you busy and guessing.

Oh, and the new album from Copenhagen’s Black Light White Light – Gold Into Dreams — is also embedded inside the pedal. So, there’s that.

You read right. An effects builder constructed a pedal that fits the style of a certain band — in this case a 60’s style fuzz — and then they put the album of that band inside the pedal as well, which you access via a headphone style jack with a cable to either stream or download. A super fun idea and just a reminder that no, you have not seen it all.

Here’s a video. And get over to Pedal Finder already and do something with your life!

Author: pedaladmin

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