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Heptode-Virtuoso-Phase-ShifterLast week we did a pedalboard breakdown for Foo Fighters’ guitarist, Chris Shiflett. We had an easy time identifying all of the pedals on his board, except one. It was a black pedal positioned lengthwise on his board. It had three switches, each accompanied by a colored light (blue – yellow – red). On the side of the box was a giant knob. To us it looked like an expression knob that you might use with your foot to adjust something on the pedal. Since we didn’t know what the pedal was, it was hard to figure it out. But the, one of our readers pointed out it was a pedal by Heptode called the Virtuoso that had been modified to add the expression knob.

The Virtuoso is a phase shifter, one based on the old Maestro PS-1A Phase Shifter. The original Maestro’s were used by tons of famous musicians in the 1970’s, such as keyboardist John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and guitarists Steve Howe (Yes) and Ernie Isley (Isley Brothers). Although, I can only assume theirs didn’t have an expression pedal on the side. Instead, it had three switches to control the speed of the shift – blue for slow, yellow for medium and red for fast shifting phase. A unique pedal that many say provides studio quality sounds on the floor, on stage.

Besides the phase shifter, Heptode has two other pedals, the Deep Crunch pedal inspired by the famous Soldano SLO-100* Crunch channel and the Heavy Tone,  inspired by the famous Soldano SLO-100* Overdrive channel. You can check out all these pedals at Pedal Finder now. Visit their manufacturers page and review their wares if you own them. We’d love to hear some reviews.

Heptode Virtuoso Demo

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