NINT Quantum Clipping Overdrive Prototype

NINT-dr-scientist-nick-jaffe-prototypeIt’s Halloween and although it’s a day when people like to scare their friends, eat massive amounts of candy and generally make progressively worse decisions as the day grows into night, here at Pedal Finder, we’ve decided to BLOW YOUR MIND with the help of Dr. Scientist and Canada’s National Institute for Nanotechnology. Below you will find a video where Nick Jaffe – guitarist, recording engineer, producer and amazing explainer of complicated topics – talks about a new pedal called the NINT Molecular Clipping Prototype.

This pedal seems to be one that can achieve distortion, fuzz, boost and overdrive effects, all of which are the result of clipping – the process of squaring off a sound wave giving it a different (and in many cases harsher) tone. With maximum control you can really start to dial in the tone you want. But, as Nick professes, what makes this pedal unique isn’t’ the tone that it produces, but the way the tone is being produced.

The bee making all the buzz in this pedal is something called a molecular junction, which replaces some of the typical components of a pedal. This prototype has two molecular junctions; one is two nanometers thick, the other is 6 nanometers thick. We are talking nanometers! That’s where the quantum mechanics come in. If you haven’t brushed up on your quantum mechanics lately, don’t worry, Nick’s got your back as he walks through what makes the pedal work.

I might not understand the science completely, but I’m smart enough to know that we are going to see some really fun pedals in the next decade as this technology gains commercial appeal. Can’t wait to see where this goes! Let us know what you think about this new tech and it’s potential.

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  1. This technology is gonna’ Be Like a Theremin Ride into the Inner Universe 🙂

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