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Ogre-Fuzz-Lion-Guitar-PedalGetting your company to stand out in a sea of effects competition isn’t always the easiest prospect. Every designer/builder knows that you need tones that hit an emotional and aesthetic button in musicians in order to rise above the fray. The differences in what divides an effect between two pedals can be little more than an extra volt or as major as an array of circuits. The same goes for the sound that eventually comes out the amp. Big and small. In the early 90’s in Korea, no one understood the subtly differences in effects better than Kim Sangkil, the founder of Ogre.

While the United States was reeling from the deluge of grunge bands, Sangkil and his friends were helping out musicians in Korean recording studios. His passion for music and effects grew until he decide to take that passion a step further, His idea was to create an effects company that melded the knowledge of studio producers with the knowledge and needs of musicians. He wanted to build effects that captured the emotion of the tone, while making it controllable and enough to be studio worthy and still fit for the stage. The result was Ogre – a pedal company that is both tonally and aesthetically pleasing.

With four main pedals in production, the Ogre Fuzz Lion, the Ogre Kronomaster Delay, the Ogre Thunderclap Distortion and the Ogre Tubeholic Overdrive, there is a lot of eye and ear candy to take in. So stop by Pedal Finder and see what there is too see about this new builder in our database. And let us know if you have any experience with this one-of-a-kind builder.

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