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Since there was such a great response when we did a post on Foo Fighters’ Chris Shiflett’s Pedalboard, we thought we’d follow up with Pat Smear. Pat Smear is often overlooked when it comes to the Foo Fighters’ gear, but his guitar/tone is such a critical component of the Foo sound.

Pat, is frankly, a legendary guitarist that always seems to be at the right place, at the right time when it comes to projects. From the early days in California he was with the ground breaking Germs, later with Nirvana and was on the ground floor of Foo Fighters. That.. is a pretty sweet resume.

While Chris Shiflett handles the leads, Pat is the solid foundation for the rhythm section of the band. Pat provides that awesome growl along with fattening up the single note lines. As I mentioned earlier, you see plenty of shots of Chris’ and Dave’s pedalboards, but to see what Pat is riding, is always a bit more difficult.

Here is an action shot from Wasting Light Live from 606

Pat Smear of the Foo FightersI found this great photo of Pat Smear’s Board. This photo was generously provided by Pedal Maniacs (a fantastic blog by the way.. please visit!)

Pat Smear - Foo Fighters - PedalboardHere is the break down of pedals:

Boss TU-3 Tuner
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone
Amp Switch
MG Music Lexotone Fuzz
G-Lab PB-1 Power Supply

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