Skychord Cloudbuster – Ambient Friend for All

skychord cloudbuster mainSeems like you can’t turn your head to cough without hearing someone talk about their latest foray in ambient sounds. The popularity of the pedals that push ambiance to new levels is on the rise and has been for some time now. Since it doesn’t appear to be slowing down,  my advice: don’t fight the trends, instead let them wash over you and bring you to new places in your music. In fact, you should let this trend bring you to this next pedal we are about to introduce.

It’s the Skychord Cloudbuster and if you are into ambient music prepare to have your mind…blown. The Cloudbuster is a ‘multi-stage sequenced delay machine’, which at first blush just looks like a bunch of adjectives squashed together to impress you, like 5-dollar words at a speech and debate conference in Ohio. But, rest assured, hiding behind all those words is a pretty neat machine. One that cuts up your riff or chord playing and then re-purposes it on the fly, repeating it out of order, but then in an organized fashion. It uses feedback, loops, and time-based modulations to recreate your playing into something different and fun. If your looking for a way to create some underlying warbles and eruptions — this machine is for you. And knobs — it has knobs and lots of them. Enough to keep you in the ambiance for years to come. Don’t believe us? Check out this video and then check out Skychord for all their other awesome pedals!

Author: pedaladmin

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