Walrus Audio ‘Harvests’ New Tone

harvester-pedal-finderAutumn comes quick in many parts of the country and as Albert Camus writes, with it comes, “a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Cold winds from the north and shorter days send a sharp signal to those farmers living in the Midwest that it’s harvest time. Time to grab those late season crops and get them into the root cellar to enjoy over the long, desolate winter.

It turns out that your traditional farmers aren’t the only one’s doing some harvesting this fall. Walrus Audio decided it was time to harvest some new tones to keep you warm this winter as they recently introduced their new high-gain overdrive – The Harvester! This is a limited run pedal coming in four different color schemes. Single enclosure, one switch, four knobs and a toggle.

According to chatter on their FB page, the folks at Walrus are saying, “It’s an overdrive with high gain options with a very consistent breakup and still stays “relevant” in the high gain setting. It’s a midrange drive that will give you a transparent (overused word today but it’s true) and organic tube breakup tone.” Other folks are wondering if it’s similar to the Mayflower, but with higher gain functionality. But, slight modifications to existing pedals isn’t really the Walrus way and I’ll bet this pedal has a lot of its own personality.

Unfortunately, we don’t get any videos to go along with the announcement. Pre orders start 11/10 at $189. The pedals will ship on Black Friday 11/28. Again, this is a limited pedal run and I’m sure they won’t stick around for long.

As always, if you get your hand on one of these beauties, let us know, get us some video, leave a review! We want to hear this sucker.

Author: pedaladmin

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