Walrus Harvester Video Demo

harvester-pedal-finderA few weeks ago we were excited when we found out that Walrus Audio had a new mid-range overdrive that they were planning on debuting called the Harvester. It was planned as a limited release pedal coming out as part of the seasons Black Friday deals. At the time, however, Walrus wasn’t offering any videos. Well, in preparation for the release, they’ve put out a great video that runs down all the settings and gives us a really good look into the tones it has inside. Originally described by Walrus as, “an overdrive with high gain options with a very consistent breakup and still stays “relevant” in the high gain setting. It’s a mid-range drive that will give you a transparent (overused word today but it’s true) and organic tube breakup tone.”
Let us know what you think after hearing the demo. Worth the bucks? Excited? Meh? Pedal Finder.

Author: pedaladmin

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