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The other day on Instagram, TC Electronic posted a nice pic of Joe Perry’s (Aerosmith) pedalboard. Joe is a great example of a top notch player that goes through consistent revisions and modifications to his board depending on his need. What is interesting this time around, is that it looks like he’s moving away from the Bradshaw Switcher and pedals in the rack, and opt’d to put all pedals on the board in front of the amp.

Joe Perry - Pedalboard - AerosmithHere is the break down of pedals:

Electro-Harmonix POG (vintage)
POG Footswitch
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal (expression for POG)
Digitech Whammy (vintage / slimmer footprint)
Pigtronix Disnortion
Dunlop JH-1B Jimi Hendrix Signature Wah
TC Electronic Vortex Flanger
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
SIB Electronics Mr. Echo
Duesenberg Gold Boost
Klon Centaur (Gold)
Source Audio Soundblox 2 Dimension Reverb
TC Electronic 25th Anniversary Signature Series (Kim Rishøj) Stereo Chorus/Pitch Modulation/Flanger
Siren Pedal by Rob Lowry (new red enclosure)

In previous board break downs, the Gold Boost, Vortex Flanger, Flashback Delay were in the backline. Also, it appears that he might be dropping the Option 5 Destination Bump and MXR Carbon Copy seen in the past. In previous boards, he ran with a Boss and MXR delay, and it looks like those have been replaced with the SIB Electronics Mr. Echo and the TC Electronic Flashback.

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  1. How about DECIBELICS pedals?…You should try em out!

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