Dwarfcraft Vindinterview: Part 1

dwarfcraft-devices-logoWe like to interview pedal builders to get a better idea of what makes them tick and how they go about creating new, exciting pedals for all of us to play with. But, doing interviews can be difficult when a company has already poured out their heart and soul a thousand times in interviews prior. In order to keep it interesting, we try to find a different slant to questions or ask something a little left of field to keep it fresh and entertaining. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but, hey, at least we’re trying.

This was the dilemma I was having when it came to working up the nerve to ask our ‘good buddy Aen’ at Dwarfcraft for a bit of his time to answer some questions. There are already a number of interviews out there about Aen and Dwarfcraft, so just repeating that same process didn’t seem that interesting. While looking around though, I noticed that when it came to telling the public about Dwarfcraft, Aen turned to videos. So we thought, Video Interview! Something that would let Aen answer the questions in a way that only he could. Being the awesome guy he is, he agreed.

Last night he released the first video of the Vidinterview series that answers the question: How does a pedal get from paper to stage? In it you can hear about the process and find out a little about a new pedal they have coming out called ‘Gears.’ He’s wrapped up this Vidinterview series into a larger challenge he has going on for himself called 52in15 – in which he plans to release 52 videos (1 per week in case your running to your calendar) in 2015. If you haven’t been exposed to his videos before, your in for a treat.

We’ll let you know when future installments of the Vidinterview come out, but do your self a favor and make sure you keep an eye on their FB page so you don’t miss any of the 52in15 videos!

Author: pedaladmin

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