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super-pulsar-pedal-finder-newThe old Stereo Pulsar from Electro-Harmonix gave you the ability to modulate your wave form, from square to triangle. Coupled with the ability to control transitions from negative to positive saw tooth or adjust the overall pulse width and you had a pedal that could reel in vintage sounds, but also get modern with the tremolo sounds. Never one to rest on their laurels, EHX has announced that in 2015 they are releasing a new tremolo pedal – the Super Pulsar.

According to EHX, “The warm analog circuit of the Super Pulsar can take the shape of a sine, triangle, or square wave while also allowing for unique rhythmic patterns via an on-board sequencer. Further controls over the waveform include Shape, Depth, and Rate. A Tap footswitch and Tap Divide button make it easy to be in sync on the fly. The Mode/Preset footswitch toggles between five expression modes or enables access to eight different effect presets. The envelope section gives you dynamic control over both depth and rate which can increase or decrease with your input signal.In short, lots of control in an appropriately sized box!

For those who’ve never worked with a highly controllable tremolo before, don’t be afraid. Sure, the manual is going to read a little like a 9th grade physics book as you learn to modify and modulate waveforms with 6 controls, but it’s not something that’s going to take a lifetime to master. I only mention this because I run into a lot of folks who would rather have 3 great controls that they can fiddle with intuitively, rather than learn anything about the sound coming out of their amp. Electro-Harmonix builds pedals with detailed controls, because they believe their audience can handle the science. So just handle the science and enjoy total tremolo control!

Here’s a video:

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  1. I want this so bad. I described to a pedal company my perfect pedal and this is basically it, with he addition of things I didn’t know we’re possible. Can’t wait to try one!

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