New Builder: Stone Deaf FX

StoneDeafFXPDF1-lgIn the last few months, we’ve had a huge influx of builders to the site thanks to all of you. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll roll out and introduce you to as many of these manufacturers as we can. Today we wanted to put a spotlight on Stone Deaf FX.

This boutique pedal builder is out of Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. The pedals are built by a father / son duo. The first pedal they produced was the the PDF-1 (Parametric Distortion Filter), which is based on the old Maestro MPF-1. This pedal became a huge hit with musicians around the globe and spurred the creation of three other pedals since; the Fig Fumb (Fuzz), The Trashy Blonde (Classic British Amp) and the EP-1 (an expression pedal – use it with the Trashy Blonde!).

These are a couple of guys that self-profess to listen to their fans. So the boxes they produce are the sounds that people want to hear. Beyond that their website states, “Our products are built to give you the opportunity to explore your own tone, allowing you to create what others can’t and giving you instant tonal gratification in the pursuit of tonal perfection.” Let us know what YOU know about this builder. If you own one of their pedals make sure you leave a review in the appropriate spot – somewhere over here.

And here’s a video of the PDF-1 for your enjoyment:

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