New Ibanez Mini Tube Sceamer

Ibanez-TS9-Mini Tube Screamer-bodyWith new years, come new pedals and I’m sure that 2015 will be no exception. Already there are reports rolling out in advance of NAMM 2015. Reports of pedals from companies large and small that plan on making a debut at that wonderland of pedal effects and music heaven.

If you don’t know about NAMM, you’ll be happy your learning about it now. It’s an industry event that happens in January and in the summer. The one in January is bigger. Basically the industry gets together and networks about all the new and latest. For the users it means a glimpse of the new gear that’s going to be hitting the shelves for the new year.

Recently we heard about Ibanez’s plans to miniaturize their mean-grean overdrive pedal – the Tube Screamer. Tons of pedals in the last few years have been recreated in miniaturized versions and for the most part it has turned out well. We see no reason why a small tube screamer from Ibanez won’t turn out excellent as well. It appears to have the same controls for Drive, Tone and Level – although the knobs are pretty small – it’s true bypass and it has the same JRC4558 IC chip as the original. Good stuff all around.

NAMM 2015 is starting up in a few weeks and I’m sure we’ll be getting dumped on with information the closer we get. We’ll let you know what we hear. In the meantime, don’t forget that we have a contest for a Heptode Virtuoso coming to a close this week. There is still time to review the pedals in your possession to gain some entries into this drawing!


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