Pedal Captions: Watch Your Step

Pedal Captions 1

Working with musicians and builders we often find ourselves in funny conversations discussing odd situations — some that wouldn’t necessarily come into play in the real world. We thought it would be fun if we took some of those ideas and brought them to life in the form of cartoons. Then we thought it might be even better if we let our members discuss the possible caption for the cartoon. Here’s the first one and perhaps it’s something you’ve thought of as well. Pedal Finder enlisted the help of the good folks over at Ramen Empire to bring to life this idea, so check ’em out if you get a chance.

So, leave a comment below with your caption and also, don’t forget about the Pedal Finder Giveaway going on right now!

Author: pedaladmin

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  1. So ya want tone do ya? Well, put your foot into it!!!

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  2. How do you like it when I stomp on YOU for a little “clean boost” ??

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  3. “So you like tweaking knobs, huh? Now who’s the BOSS?!!”

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  4. After Bob sold all his Boss pedals to buy “Boutique Pedals” He kept having the strangest dreams.

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