Pedal Poll: Best Reverb For Value Poll

best guitar effects pollPedal Finder is all about the opinions of our members. Expressing your opinion in the review of a pedal is how you make the world of guitar effects a better place. In the same vein as Smokey the Bear — Only YOU can prevent a fellow guitarist from purchasing a pedal they won’t like. I’m not saying it’s as important as voting in an election or anything, but it’s way more fun and let’s face it you’ll probably have more of an impact.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but reverbs seem to be really popular right now and the market is filled to the brim with options. Good options too. Compact, streamlined options, full featured behemoths and everything in-between. So how do you decide which to get if you are in the market? We’ll, first you should visit pedal finder and search for reverbs and read all the great reviews from our members. But, if your short on time, you should take this poll and then review the results.

If you don’t see your favorite pedal in the list below, lets us know in the comments and I’ll get it added so others can share your opinion. And you thought you wouldn’t have any fun this Friday?!



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  1. i voted for the topanga, and i am unsure that i am getting one, but the new digitech polara seems like a nice cross between the digitech and the supernatural.

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  2. Even though I sue the Hardwire Supernatural literally every time I turn on my amps, the Eventide Space is the best there is. Better IMO than the Strymon.

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  3. Added the Polara and Eventide! Thanks

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  4. Guitar Pedal
    Thanks for this article. Really this article very informative and helpful for me. and It is beneficial for my guitar and my website.
    Despite the fact that We prosecute the actual Hardwire Unnatural actually each time We switch on my personal amps, the actual Eventide Room is the greatest there’s. Much better IMO compared to Strymon.

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