Xtomp: 300 Pedals In One

hotone_xtompMy wife loves to read. Loves it. Sometimes she reads multiple books in one week – at the same time. We have books lying all over our house, sitting on shelves, tables, you name it. Long after they have been read, there they lay. So, imagine my excitement when I purchased her a Kindle for Christmas a few years ago. Here was the perfect gift, a small, digital device that has the ability to store thousands of books in one place. No more bulky hardcovers or beat-up paperbacks to deal with. Digital books were cheaper, you had access to an online, free library and you could even lend out your digital books to friends at no extra cost. I thought this was going to revolutionize the way my wife read. It didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, she was thankful and she appreciated the thought, but at the end of the day, she never read one book on that Kindle. Why? I asked her and it really came down to the aesthetic. She likes books. And even more than that, she likes the places you go to get books. She likes the feel and look of them and especially loves turning the pages and moving the bookmark around. No matter how convenient the Kindle was – she wasn’t into it. But, there are people that are.

This is my initial thought at the idea of the Hotone Xtomp – a digital effects pedal that reports to have access to a library of over 300 classic pedals. According to the designer, the Xtomp is, “an ultrathin effects pedal stompbox that simulates all kinds of iconic classic, vintage, and modern pedals through its growing effects library of over 300 models. Xtomp uses an iOS app to manage all your effects and transfers them to your stompbox via Bluetooth.” Sounds amazing! Why bother collecting a bunch of expensive pedals when you can spend way less on a few sound files to represent the pedals of your dreams? It’s tiny, it’s efficient, powerful and serves the needs of all musicians regardless of the style or genre of music they play.

However, I think the Xtomp will run into some of the same resistance that many readers offered the Kindle. Collecting effects pedals is fun. Hoarding them is even better if you have the means. But even beyond that, there’s still the issue of analog circuitry, tubes, buffers and switches that create a very warm, very different sound. A purely digital pedal has it’s place – no doubt. But, offering a one-stop-stomp still seems like a futuristic idea, that although well-intentioned, still has some serious social hurdles in this day and age.

Check it out and if you get close to this pedal let us know about it! Speculation is one thing – getting it on your board and playing around with it is a whole ‘nother.

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  1. I feel the same about my Zoom Multistomp. It has about 100 pedals crammed into one BOS-sized enclosure. A lot of the effects are really cool and I can chain them in all way I want, yet I rarely use it.

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    • Well I have this and there are not 300 pedals in the app I have after doing the update there are 60 or so pedals which is a lot but far less than the advertised 300.

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      • Yes I bought it under the impression there was over 300. Where are they? I suppose we will have to pay for the rest on some hotone web shop? Not happy. Its a great idea but not there, even what they say isnt there. At $250 bucks it is still cheaper to buy the real things. There are only 8 or so combos in the library, and you cant combine what you want. So the reality is your only able to use one pedal at a time. Most pedal boards are made up of what?, 10 pedals? So unless those 8 combos are exactly what you want then you would have to spend $2500 to buy 10 xtomps and choose from just 60 pedals. Honestly, the majority of the pedals on the app could be bought for under $50 to $100 used so you could buy the exact ten pedals you want for $1000 to $2000 and save a lot of money over ten xtomps. Now if hotone ever delivers on the 300 promise and allows us to create our own combos, then this is an amazing product and buying 2 to 3 of them would be a bargain in my mind.

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