Zvex Bomb Pop


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Are you sick of messing with patch chords and working your pedals this way and that on the board to get them to fit in the space provided? Wouldn’t you just love to take all your favorite pedals and weld together all the boxes so they can use the same power supply, save space and making carrying easier? Well, Zvex just did that with their introduction of the Bomb Pop.

The Bomb Pop is a Frankenstein’s monster consisting of their Super Hard On Boost, Double Rock Distortion, Instant Lo-Fi JunkyWah Probe and a Fuzz Factory 7.  That’s right, all of these pedals fused together into one ‘L’ shaped box of destruction. What’s that you say? What if you don’t like the order the pedals are in. What if I’m looking for a different chain then they pre-ordained upon us? They have you covered. You can apply patch chords in any order you want to get the sound you need. So, I guess they didn’t get away from patch chord management, but no one can deny that this pedal is all about fun. Fun to see and I bet it’s a blast to play with.

Bonus Free Business Idea: Someone needs to take this idea a step further and go into the business of offering to do this with all manufactures. Instead of having a pedal board and putting pedals on it, what if your pedal were fused together so they were the board. Utilize some of this same technology and offer it as a service to guitarists who have a firm idea of the pedals they will use for the rest of their life. Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Check out this fun video of the Zvex Bomb Pop and let us know if you ever spot one in the wild!

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  1. Somebody at Zvex is having too much fun.
    Why not just make a proprietary plug that attaches one Zvex pedal flush to another Zvex pedal, but still comes with a 1/4″ jack so you can still use other makers pedals if you want.
    It’s all about saving space, right? But not at the expense of handing your soul to a single manufacturer.

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  2. Then again ….there’s enough knobs on there ……

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