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consider the raven mercy seat effects

UPDATE: Presale for Consider the Raven Reverb ‘Flock’ edition going on now!

Mercy Seat Effects is a boutique builder with a really impressive line of pedals to date. The shop is operated in Germany by Americans. Which Americans, I’m not quite sure yet, but I promise to find that out in the days to come. This is a shop that builds one pedal at a time, by hand. On their website they tout that each pedal contains the following: True Bypass switching, All analog circuitry (on most pedals), Switchcraft Jacks, Alpha pots, High quality, 1% tolerance resistors, High quality film capacitors, Handwired, hand-stamped, hand-painted and Negative center, 9V BOSS* style DC power.

The Consider The Raven Reverb is pedal they already have in their line, but, they’ve gone back to the original design and upped the control. They describe it like this, “When we revamped the Consider the Raven reverb we aimed to create a pedal with three main aspects in mind. We wanted a powerful, versatile reverb in a fairly small footprint. The CtR is capable of crafting many of your favorite reverb tones, from quick slap-back all the way to lush, ambient soundscapes. Controls include master volume, reverb amount, reverb tone and size. The size control determines what size room you want your reverb to emulate. Want a small, boxy room? Set it low. Want a sprawling cathedral with massive ceilings? Set it high. The addition of the “Flock” control allows you to further tailor your verb. Like having a flock of ravens swirling around your head, a simple flip of the switch completely alters the mood of your reverb adding strength, a bit more compression and even some harmonic overtones. We found that the Flock switch reacted differently with different guitar and amp arrangements which means the CtR can deliver a unique experience to each player.

To us, these folks represent what’s best about boutique effects – engineers and builders who craft for love of sound, noise and experimentation. No fear or trepidation to go back and reinvent a sound. Never daunted by the hard work it takes to bring about new ideas. Just forging ahead for the sonic benefit of us all.

According to their FaceBook account for demos for this reimagined pedal are coming out soon, as well as a presale for the Raven. So keep an eye on them and if you get your hands on something they make, PLEASE, leave a review at Pedal Finder! And look for their entire line of pedals finding a home soon on Pedal Finder.

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