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dwarfcraft-devices-logoOne of our favorite builders out there are the good folks at Dwarfcraft. We really wanted to do an interview with them, but we didn’t want to rehash the same questions in text version that had been done a million times before. So, we asked ‘your good friend Aen’ if he would be willing to answer the questions in his favorite medium — VIDEO. This spawned the Video Interview – or Vidinterview – idea which Aen has carried awesomely.

The 1st video came out in January and since then Aen has been kicking ’em out as part of his 52in15 challange in which he plans to release 52 videos (1 per week in case your running to your calendar) in 2015.  We thought we would take this moment to get you caught up on the 4 video answers that he’s provided so far.One just came out today. Check these out, get informed and be entertained. It’s good stuff.

See also that it’s our final day for the giveaway. It takes less than 60 seconds and you can win a 5 O’clock Fuzz from Outlaw Effects!

Vidinterview Question 1: What is the process of bringing a pedal from paper to stage?

Vidinterview Question 2: What’s the Dwarfcraft shop like now compared to when you started?

Vidinterview Question 3: Who designs the art on Dwarfcraft Pedals?

Vidinterview Question 4: What’s the hardest part of getting a pedal made?


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