Walrus Audio: Bellwether, Vanguard, Luminary

walrus audio luminary I think builders should always release their new wares in trios. It just adds a great touch of class to rattle off three new items in a time of the year when everyone has something new to offer. Not only that, but Walrus Audios new offerings sounds like a small super-hero team and it’s not hard to decide what their power would be by their names: Bellwether, Vanguard and Luminary.

The Bellwether is the master of the delay, with the power to repeat in various intervals with bright-lite tones or deeper, darker mystery thanks to a control pot. Stereo ins and outs elevate this pedal to road-trip worthy status while the reputation of the builder makes us all wish we owned one regardless of trying it first.

The Vanguard is a dual phase pedal drawing from tones long past, but with a modern touch. Get your warble on with a beast that sports two switches and 8 knobs for total-tone control. Not your average phase pedal, it’ll be fun to see how people respond to it and if the larger size doesn’t distract from the total amount of love it’s bound to receive.

Finally, the Luminary is all about the octave. Octaves up and octave down – it seems it just can’t get enough. Best of all, this box has 8 knobs and two switches with which to get yourself into trouble with. Remember, stay safe. Start out slow and everything will be ok.

Demos Below and Outlaw Effects Giveaway Here

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