Dwarfcraft Vinterviews 1 through 5

dwarfcraft-devices-logoA while back Pedal Finder sent some questions to ‘your good pal Aen’ over at Dwarfcraft. Questions about their shop, their process, what they do for recreation and what get’s them up every morning, creating, building and recreating. In typical Aen fashion, the notion of answering back in the written word was quickly dismissed. Instead, he put together a series of fun videos that answered our questions and entertained us all at once. We’ll the 5th and final installment is out and available for your viewing pleasure. See below.

For those of you that missed the rest of the series or just want to take a trip down memory lane, here are all the videos in one easy to access space. Enjoy.

Vidinterview Question 1: What is the process of bringing a pedal from paper to stage?

Vidinterview Question 2: What’s the Dwarfcraft shop like now compared to when you started?

Vidinterview Question 3: Who designs the art on Dwarfcraft Pedals?

Vidinterview Question 4: What’s the hardest part of getting a pedal made?

Vidinterview Question 5: Scandalous Industry Dirt

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