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iron ether pedalsWe are probably a bit late to the game, but we are just now learning about a builder out of New Orleans, Louisiana called Iron Ether. According to their website, “Iron Ether makes innovative processors for guitar, bass, and synthesizer. Our design philosophy is to make devices that are powerful, versatile, and intuitive.” I wanted to put them in the spotlight today for two reasons, one- they now have a home on Pedal Finder, which means if you own any Iron Ether stuff, you can now leave reviews and let everyone know how and why you are using their gear. The second reason is that their good looks and sounds amazing.

The designer behind the entire line is Taylor Livingston. He started getting into effects creation around 2004 and although not all the pedals are voiced for the bass, he comes from a bass perspective when putting the pedals together. Of course, all pedal can be used with any instrument, but having a pedal dialed into those lower voices really makes a difference.

The entire line of Iron Ether can now be found at Pedal Finder, but I thought we’d put a few demos below so you can see what kinds of things he’s into. I’m super curious to learn more about this builder, so if anyone has information – let us know.

Here’s the FrantaBit

The Iron Ether Oxide (Fuzz):

And the Syth/Octave Subterranea:

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