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yellowcake pedals furry burritoWe added a builder to the database recently that I just wanted to mention, because I’d like to get a little more information about them. The builder is Yellowcake and it appears they have one pedal currently on the market – the Furry Burrito. I like the sensibilities behind that name as it projects an image of something that is both fuzzy and yet somehow delicious.  The owner/builder of Yellowcake pedals is Ryan McCay. Looking at Yellowcake’s Facebook page you’ll notice that the last post was December of 2014. So, it’s been a few months since any new information from Yellowcake has hit the interwebs. Not a big deal really, since many owners/builders are up to their necks in second jobs and producing effects and don’t really have the time to write out updates every day of the week.

The only bit of interesting information came from an interview done over at Effects Database. There we learn that Yellowcake gets its name not from the tasty treat we have at birthday parties, but from enriched uranium powder – which is called yellowcake. We also learn that like a lot of independent builders, Ryan pulls all the weight at Yellowcake and that at the time of the interview, the Furry Burrito was the only pedal he was pursuing. He did have a pedal called the Black Box, but I’m not sure what it was or if it is still out there anywhere. Seemed like he was phasing that out.

So, here’s the deal. Does anyone own this pedal. Do you know more about where Yellowcake is at in 2015? Let me know and we’ll get the information up here at the Pedal Finder Blog. Oh, if you do have the Furry Burrito – leave a review at Pedal Finder.


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  1. I hear you calling my name.. Thank you for the nice comments..
    You can check out the IG @yellowcakepedals. Thats a little more up to date.
    Thanks again mate.

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