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Took a look at something yesterday that I hadn’t somehow seen in all my travels around the internet. It’s a system called Snap Drive. Basically, it’s a system that allows users to create effects on the fly by snapping in different modules onto a type of bread board. At first glance it reminds me of a less detailed Beagle Board (RIP). Instead of having to work with individual components to compose a pedal, you just have these easy to handle modules that allow you to add buffers, boosts, drive circuits , fuzz circuits, etc. It’s a neat idea and something that could be a lot of fun to play around with at the very least.

The inventors of this gadget are Emil Kirilov and George Kirtchev. Their website is under construction, which doesn’t bode well (at least from an outside/bystander perspective) that the project will come to completion. But, a short interview posted just earlier this month at Sonic State, actually has the inventors talking positively about the prospect of getting Snap Drive off the ground. He had this to say about his invention.

“I plan to sell a platform – a board that is a host for such blocks. The blocks should be with equal size and smaller than showed in the video.

“They should use magnetic connectors and should snap like fridge magnets. This will provide easy change and stability. The blocks will sell separately and there will be some kits as well like “starter”, “advanced”, “expert”, etc.

“The moment we are doing research on the final design and what functionality is desired. But basically we plan to release the following blocks: Overdrive, Distortion (diode clipping), Distortion (FET), Tone control, 3-band EQ, Level booster, Effects loop (usually used for wah wah), Solo booster, Compressor, Noise gate, Parametric EQ, Bass booster, Mid booster, Tremolo”

I really hope this project takes off, not only because it’ll just be fun to play with, but because these fellas are creating it with an Open Source slant. This means they don’t plan on holding their invention close to their lab coats. Instead, they want the community to take a lead role in creating new modules and reinventing their invention. I’d love to see builders big and small coming up with their own modules for you to use on this new bread board. Can you imagine using modules from Wampler, Cusak Music and Daring Audio to create some new type of drive or fuzz. The possibilities are endless and when you include the population at large (unlike the comments section on any type of news blog) good things happen.

Not sure what to expect from this project in the future, but if we hear more, we’ll let you all know.

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