Just Nick: Rattlesnake Line Buffer

rattlesnake cable company line bufferA while back, we reported on a review of guitar cables from Rattlesnake Cable Company out of Missoula, Montana. The review was done by Nick Jaffe over on his YouTube channel JustNickMusic. I hope after our last suggestion you’ve checked him out over there. He has a special knack for turning what would otherwise be lessons in electricity into fun and exciting videos filled with information that you can take back to your pedalboard.  I seriously cannot say enough good things about him.

Just Nick reviewed Rattlesnake Cable Company again, but this time he’s checking out their new line buffer. If you don’t know, Rattlesnake Cable Company is the creation of Hank Donovan. If that name rings a bell, it’s because he’s also the creator and blogger at Effects Bay and also the driving force behind Pedal Finder. Branching out from cables, Donovan has put his electrical prowess to work inside a box, creating an op amp line buffer that according to Just Nick does a great job, while at the same time notes that it is, “reasonably priced.” Nick then goes on to explain that like the cables, Donovan has created a product without any snake oil – meaning it does what it’s supposed to do without unnecessary hype or addtional features that may or may not be necessary.

So do yourself a favor and watch Nick’s review. Come for the demo, but stay for the education. It’s 12 minutes you’ll be glad you spent. And, if you are interested in getting one of these buffers on your board you can contact Donovan at the Rattlesnake Cable Company website or message him on FB.

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  1. Have done business with Hank and The Rattlesnake Co. in the past and will definitely continue to do so. Great cables and a great guy to do business with. Between Hank and Just Nick videos you can be assured of some good no-nonsense, “tell it like it is”, advice! Save yourself some money and headaches and listen to these guys….you won’t regret it!

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