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effectrode-reviews-pedalsWe’ve really been working away at getting new builders into our Pedal Finder Database. This is a lot of fun for us because we get to do a bit of research on builders that we wouldn’t normally do in our everyday lives. It always makes me want to reach out to learn more about the people behind the products. Especially when those products seem to have a life of their own. This is the case with Effectrode and the audio design engineer behind it all – Phil Taylor.

Scrolling through their line of pedals, it’s clear that their aim is to make good on their goal to create pedals that are “fueled by a sense of nostalgia and fascination with the warm, musical tone, clean lines and simplicity of…vintage vacuum tube equipment.” And that’s what you appear to get with Effectrode. Vacuum tube equipment of the highest class. Phil explains it this way on his website:

My aim is that Effectrode pedals must push the limits and take guitar tone to the farthest possible point so that artists are inspired by them. All my effects pedals are unique, original and meticulously designed from the ground up, taking several years of research & development before they reach maturity. I utilise only the finest audiophile grade polyester capacitors, instrumentation grade resistors, NOS (new old stock) and modern triode tubes operating at proper amp plate voltages (300Volts!) with D.C. powered heaters. The signal path is all-tube, class-A circuitry – some designs are very linear and transparent whereas others are gorgeously non-linear and rich in harmonic overtones! These are effects pedals built from the ‘Right Stuff.’

Their pedal line is filled with juicy pieces like the Phaseomatic Deluxe: a unique photo-optical phaser that uses vacuum tubes to achieve delicious, lush phasing with amazing presence and clarity. Or the Vibralux pedal which is designed to reproduce a unique chorusing effect with tubes for a natural and musical sound. If you’re looking to push your existing tube amps into breakup and overdrive, look no further than the Fire Bottle. These are just a few of the items they have dreamed up from the past and brought into our time. Look for their whole line on Pedal Finder soon.

So you know the drill. Check ’em out and let us know what you do, i.e. – leave a review! Here’s a demo of their Tube Drive:

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