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Iret Guirar EnhancementsA member submitted a new pedal from Iret Guitar Enhancements. This is a company out of India that lays claim to being “the first acoustic technology student’s start-up. Manufacturing premium stompboxes and amplifiers. Formed in 2011, with a vision to make music gear affordable.” I like the sound of that! New technology coming out of a student collaboration has the makings for some pretty exciting developments.

Take a ride on the net over to their website and you will find a selection of 9 pedals. We’ve added these folks to the inventory over at Pedal Finder so check it out over there. What you’ll find are an array of overdrives and distortions with a phaser, a compressor and a delay. But, mostly overdrives and distortions. No Fuzzes? Interesting.

But, what you’ll also find on their site is a lot of information about the 6 ‘youngsters’ that started up the company. In their own words they are, “Musicians who just happen to use electronics.” Each has their own special place in the organization both creatively and from the business side. They do more than pedals. They make tube amps, pedalboards, Cajons (a six sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru) and even do custom orders. Their current line of pedals is just a few of the hand-made items they have coming out of their shop.

Check them out on Facebook!

Visit their website!

And, if you own any of their pedals – get over to Pedal Finder and leave a review. It’s the humane thing to do for the rest of us.

Here is a taste of three of their pedals. Good stuff.

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