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Twin Bender Ramble EffectsThe Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII Professional is an iconic sounding pedal that lots of folks have heard of, lots of musicians have used and that lots of builders have worked to replicate and improve on. There are all types if iterations out there for your enjoyment from the Tone Reaper by EarthQuaker Effects to the Physics Punk Pedals Tritone Overdrive. Recently, a member added a the Twin Bender and by doing so introduced us to Ramble FX. Right now, the only thing we know about Ramble FX is that they are building their boxes out of Minnesota. But, if their pedals are even half as impressive as the scenery and fishing they have up in the Boundary Waters near Eli, then this is builder worth learning more about.

Wandering around their site you’ll find two pedals on offer: the aforementioned Twin Bender and the Marvel:


The Ramble FX Twin Bender has the same circuit as other MK II’s , but in typical fashion it’s been modified. This version has a ‘Fat Switch’, which gives you a broader tone, mounding on the bass and additional volume. It has an adjustable bias pot next to the output jack that is recessed so you don’t accidentally knock it around while playing. You’ll need a pick or small screwdriver to work it. There’s a switch that allows you to change from a 3 transistor MKII Pro into a 2 transistor MKI.V and finally a built-in voltage inverter for those who like to power their pedals from walls of the venue. What do these changes add up to at the end of the day? Listen to this demo and determine that for yourself. To us it sounds like a winner.

Marvel Drive

The Marvel Drive sounds like a real screamer, gathering up the tones of past legends into one pedal. The Ramble FX website describes it this way, “From the KRRR-ANG of the high strings to the growl of the low strings, Marvel Drive delivers all of the tone that made the Marshall™ plexi legendary. Topped with a genuine plexi faceplate, the Marvel Drive uses 4 separate JFET gain stages to create the ultimate in touch sensative, dynamic distortion. Each stage contributes to the harmonics and distortion in much the same way each tube does in an amplifier.” Again, here’s a video:

To learn more about Ramble FX you can check them out at Pedal Finder or stay up to date by liking them on Facebook. If we learn more, we’ll make sure to let you know. And you do the same! If you have one of these pedals get over to Pedal Finder and leave a review. Thanks!

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  1. Ramble FX – Well made pedals with solid tone.

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