Oddfellow Effects Caveman Overdrive V2

oddfellow effects caveman overdrive v2 reviewI’m pretty sure it was winter NAMM 2014 when the original Caveman Overdrive from Oddfellow Effects walked out onto the red carpet. The attention was pretty much instantaneous. Mostly because of this pedals ability to hang with some of the heavy weights like the much loved/hated Klon Centaur and the King of Tone itself from Analog Man. The original was a wisp of a pedal, by comparison, with a single sized enclosure placed horizontally, housing two switches and three knobs (volume, tone and drive).¬† It was enough. The small housing and big sound spoke to a lot of folks and everyone rejoiced.

Fast forward to NAMM 2015 and we find ourselves face to face with the Caveman Overdrive V2. According to the internet the folks behind OE listened to customer feedback¬† and worked to create a pedal with an even more amp-like response with a more carefully attenuated high-end. This version is a dual channel overdrive that has an independent boost. It’s a beautiful stomp that comes in a fur lined box. Nice touch.

Oddfellow Effects is out of California, so perhaps if you live in their area you know more about them. But we couldn’t find a ton about the individuals behind the scenes putting these modified circuits out to the masses. In the near future, we’ll reach out and see if we can’t uncover some truths about the Oddfellow and the cavemen. Until then, leave a review at Pedal Finder if you have this pedal on your board. And as always, here’s a video. This one from Shawn Tubbs.

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