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pedal finder red pedalsLots of thought goes into designing a pedal board. Not the actual design of the pedalboard itself, but what you put on it. It all basically starts with a goal. A search for a tone based on some droning sound in your own head or from a song or particular player. If your lucky enough to have a favorite sound from the real world you can scan the local interwebs and find out what your favorite musician is playing. From there you can head to your local music shop or non-local music shop online and start pouring out your paychecks to purchase those pedals for your own world. If the tone is in your head, then you have even more work to do because you’ll have to listen to demos, experiment, try, combine – rinse and repeat until your satisfied. Let’s face it, people who start buying pedals are never happy. At best they find satisfaction.

The basic tones on a pedalboard will consist of reverbs, distortions, fuzzes, boosts, WAHs, buffers, octaves, tremelos and probably more reverb – because hey – trends don’t lie. You’ll spend your free time obsessing about which of the type to purchase. A little bit because you want to find the perfect tone, but ultimately because it’s a blast to try new pedals and put them together into a line to create new sounds. And when you’re all done you’ll have something you can be proud of and maybe even play live.

But, what most people don’t consider is the color balance they have going on with their board. Sure, maybe you have the perfect tone that can crush your audience or elevate them to the next level of consciousness, but if all your pedals are black and white, what are you saying about your sense of style? And if you have Tube Screamer Green mixing with T-Rex Engineering Tonebug Reverb yellow – well that’s just going to clash. Don’t clash. Instead, find alternatives to the pedals on your board in the colors you need to flesh out your board-rainbow. At Pedal Finder we make this easy, with out search by look feature.

The search by look feature is simple and easy to use. Just click the search by look button on the home page and fill out the options you are provided with. You are more than welcome to leave out any of the options, but you must at least choose one. Here is an example of single enclosure pedals with two knobs and one switch in red. You can come up with your own searches and ensure your board never looks unsightly again.

Really, we imagined this feature being more useful to search for pedals that you might see up on stage, but can’t get close enough to see what it really is. This feature would allow you to hunt up that pedal a little easier. Or if you are looking for a Reverb that has a single enclosure, this will allow you to separate those out as well. However you decide to use it, we’d like to hear about your experience and what you found. Let us know below in the comments!


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  1. After years of multi-FX boards I’m building a “rig”. Since I’m going stereo there’s 2 amps & 2 effects loops.I’ve been doing some reading but does anyone have the best reources they could pass along to all of us? Thanks –JB

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