MXR Carbon Copy Bright

carbon copy bright reviewsThe MXR Carbon Copy is a pedal that has long reigned at the top of the pile when it comes to Analog Delays and indeed, Delays in general. Constructed in a reasonably sized enclosure, this pedal has just enough controls to go from tight slap echos to Gilmouresque rolling delays. It’s a pedal that can play with leads or hang out in the back providing atmosphere. Featuring 600ms of delay time and an easy to use 3 knob control panel its easy to see why its received over 16 reviews on Pedal Finder with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. It’s just a damn solid pedal.

Well, now you have a new Carbon Copy to play around with called the Carbon Copy Bright. This one comes from a partnership of MXR and Pro Guitar Shop. They tell it like this, “The new CC Bright is the result of a collaboration between PGS and Dunlop’s famous MXR design team. The process of selecting the exact changes to the Carbon Copy circuit took many years, and involved many revisions and a great deal of trial and error. The chipset of the Carbon Copy Bright remains unchanged—warm, bucket brigade analog goodness is the name of the game. Tone seekers will be thrilled with the changes to the circuit, as the repeats are more “vocal-like” than the original. The Carbon Copy Bright’s defined repeats are a great companion to the original’s mellower, darker wash, and we saw to it that they play nicely together. The future is Bright.”

Indeed it is. Let us know if you get close to this pedal. I absolutely want to hear the reviews. And yes Virginia – there is a demo:


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