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animal factory amplificationNew builders are coming into the catalog everyday. It’ll take us a while to get them all rolled out and looking good, but we’ll stick with it to make sure we everyone covered. Recently we ran across Animal Factory Amplification. According to their FB page, “Animal Factory Amplification builds terrifying, irreverent and beautiful guitar pedals and amps, among other things, in Bombay, India.” The fearless leader of this builder is named Aditya. He studied engineering in Germany where he was taught art of PCB design and the physical complications surrounding analogue signals. He moved back to India and started designing and building effects and vacuum tube¬†amplifiers, sometimes building them on order. As an added flourish, he decided to etch all his pedal enclosures – giving these effects a really fun look.

On the Animal Factory website, you’ll find 6 month old posts and not a whole lot of updates, but their Facebook page is going strong, so head over there for up to date news. On the site, you will find mention of three pedals. The Chemical Burn, the Ozymandis and the Claustrophobia. The Chemical Burn is their flagship fuzz pedal, the Ozymandis is their overdrive pedal and the Claustrophobia is an asphyxiated, squelchy, uneasy fuzz, the is prone to panic attacks. Having started in 2013, they are obviously going strong with 3 pedals in under two years.

You can check out all these pedals at Pedal Finder. If you happen to own anything from Aditya, please leave a comment. We’d love to learn more about this builder out of Bombay. In the meantime, here’s the only video I could find demonstrating one of their prototypes. It’s a Nebulophone circuit from Dr. Bleep.


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  1. Heyo! This is Aditya from Animal Factory Amplification – thanks so much for the write up! AFA is most active on Facebook and Instagram – I manage the website myself currently and there isn’t all that much time for that.

    For a quick overview on our products – Claustrophobia is going through a couple of design changes to improve usability. We’ve announced Baron Samedi (fuzz) and Pit Viper (overdrive), and more details will be published once we’re closer to production. Finally, I’m glad to say that international distribution is closer to fruition, and I should have some products stocked in the US by October 2015! I’ll be in touch with you by email for product releases etc. Thanks again.

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  2. Hey!
    I just wanted to add my two cents here, I myself own two AFA pedals and they’ve become the bread and butter of my sound!
    The first one I got was a one-off fuzz that totally nailed the Gilmourish tone I had always wanted on my solos. The second one was an Ozzymandias, which is an overdrive/distortion pedal that is ridiculously versatile, I still keep discovering new flavours of dirt every time I mess with its seemingly endless collection of knobs and flip-switches. The sound I like the most out of it is a very tube-like overdrive that can then be kicked into full screaming distortion by stepping on the second footswitch. Even better is the tone I get when combining it with my other AFA fuzz.
    These are quality built, obsessively designed and beautifully cased products and I’m really glad that I have them in my pedal board. I own a couple of other fuzz and distortion pedals, I never plug them back into my rig since I have these. Thanks Aditya for making these!

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