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Big knob pedalsFor the last 7 years Gary Kibler has been cranking out 100 percent hand-wired pedals for all. As the self described Grand Poobah (love that title) of Big Knob Pedals he’s been recreating classic tones, “using time-tested designs and the highest quality components.” All this and he still manages to keep the prices of his effects in line with those of us who have less than stellar paying careers.  Check out how he describes the process of developing and choosing the parts inside his effects:

All of our pedals are 100% wired by hand using no printed circuit boards or caustic chemicals. Quality components such as metal film resistors and film capacitors insure high fidelity and low noise. All enclosures are solid die-cast aluminum cases with quality 3PDT true bypass footswitch as standard. We strive to match as closely as possible the original design and components when a pedal is based on a vintage model. For example, we test and match in detail large numbers of NOS (new old stock) germanium transistors for our vintage fuzz clones and are careful to select just right op-amp chips that will perfectly match those used in classic pedals (for instance, a Tube Screamer’s original JRC4558D or a RAT’s LM308N chip)

The Grand Poobah has been busy over these last seven years, using these basic principles to clone 29 well known (and not so well known) pedals. And, he was kind enough to show us all of them side by side:

big knob pedals all pedlasIn there you’ll find just about every popular Fuzz, Distortion and Overdrive (and other effects!) you could want. In this pack you will also find a brand new pedal solving a problem that some of you may be familiar with. The pedal is the Wah Fix and it debuts today!

The Wah Fix gives you the ability to lock in the perfect wah-tone without having to resort to taping coins or adjusting gear teeth to halt the travel of the pedals plunger. I’m sure you have all come up with various ways to stop your wah where you want it, but you don’t have to any more. The Wah Fix is here to save your behind and give you piece of mind. The Studio City, California builder tells it like this:

The Wah Fix offers unprecedented control to a problem faced by many guitarists using their wah pedals primarily for treble-boost or notch filtering, namely, how best to lock-in that proverbial sweet spot? For many it’s a matter of taping coins or adjusting gear teeth to restrict the travel in their wah’s plunger, but more often than not the methods remain mostly ad hoc, proving less than effective in live performance situations.

Based on the classic British-produced wah pedal from the 70s, Wah Fix addresses this by incorporating all the essential components of the perfect vintage wah pedal but without that one imprecise variable of its foot plunger, now making it easier than ever to dial in perfectly any tonal wah shape you wish beforehand.

Sounds like a real life/time saver for those of us that can’t leave home without our wah. So go ahead and check out their website or jump over to their FB page and take a look at everything they have to offer. We’ll be getting their entire line into our catalog soon so everyone can leave reviews.

And, here’s a taste of the what the Wah Fix offers:


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  1. Hi yeah I got a big knobs civil war from 2010..Gary was living in the UK back then.
    Awesome gilmour tones to die for…yeah they get my vote.pity they are so far away now the costs are a little to much to swallow in the austere times we’re living in the UK.cheers interesting site will follow in future.

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