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doom in analog silver wizard fuzzWorking hard to get caught up with all the new pedals and builders that are rolling into the Pedal Finder queue. During that process I stumbled across Doom In Analog, a boutique guitar and bass effects builder out of Byron Bay, Australia. Looks like this builder is very interested in the many flavors of Fuzz. The first pedal I saw up in the Queue was the Silver Wizard Fuzz a ‘version of the Ram’s Head era Big Muff. Borrowing a couple of components from the violet rams head big muff with a choice of three preferences of transistors/gain.’

Doom In Analog describe their invention of the pedal like this: “I decided to have a go at modding [a Ram’s Head Muff] even further to be able to get way more gain and cut through in a live/jam situation as the big muff circuit DOES have scooped mids. The results were great. The “body” control either cuts or boosts the mids and the eq sweep does a hell of a lot more for the versatility of the sound compared to the stock tone section. The Cream (Sustain) offers great clarity at 12-1 o’clock and becomes a fuzzy monster on full. Bass tones are easily accessible with a quick change of the controls.’ A spinoff of a popular pedal may seem like an uncreative move, but really it takes a lot of nerve to dive into a popular circuit in hopes of achieving something new. The Silver Wizard is one of those circuits where they’ve achieved a new sound spun from old tones. It’s worth checking out.

As are their other pedals – all fuzz varients and pre-amps. They build a 5 Knob Germanium Fuzz, a Superfuzz MKII, a Soviet Fuzz, a Fuzz Slave – a one knob fuzz for instant playing, and a the Electric Blanket Preamp. Varients galore, but all with their own unique place and tone. They even sell DIY kits so you can tackle some of their circuits yourself. A good way to get into a great circuit on the cheap or to learn about what goes on inside the box.

And as always! Don’t forget that we are giving away an EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath! More on that contest here.

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  1. Hey, cool post, that was a manufacturer I added – I just stumbled across the pedal on Etsy one day and coulddn’t resist the aesthetics! Turned out to be a great impulse buy, it sounds dope, as in Dopethrone…

    Just to clarify, most of the details about the Silver Wizard you have there are for the “deluxe” version (which I don’t have). The standard version just has Sustain, Tone and Volume controls, I’m not sure what tweaks he di to the original circuit or how it compares, but to me at leasst it sounds great, I’m sure the deluxe is excellent too.

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    • Joel, thanks for adding the pedal and letting me know about the ‘deluxe version.’ I actually grabbed this information off their website. I’ll hunt around and modify the description. Thanks again!

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